Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Caricatures of fellow Kaman'ers @ Punderson's, Ohio (MARCH 2007)

A few months ago the company I work for, Kaman's art Shoppes, had a manager's meeting in Ohio. It was cool meeting and hanging with other Kamans manager's from California and more. During our downtime at night, we drew each other. here's some I drew.

Melissa Murphy from Six Flags, NJ. she's a cool cat and paints my face all scary like, heh. I really like this one too.

Gabe Hunt from Lego Land, CA. Gabe is one cool dude. good peeps, that Gabe. looking at it now, I think I missed on likeness. also check out the close-up, heh...

Trish Kaman. yup, that Kaman. the president of the compay I work for. I like this one. She said that mine is the craziest caricature she's gotten. cool beans.

Connie Ericson from Knotts Farm, CA. She's real cool. draws portraits but also does sweet abstract stuff. she also cuts beverage plassteec to save dolphins- rock on. not sure I got the likeness but I like the star incorporation- word to texas, yo. heh.

the elusive Loy Bouttamy from Six Flags, NJ (I stole his photo from Zitman's myspace, heh) Loy's a cool mellow dude. real smaht too.

crap, I forgot her name. She's from the west coast, really nice and cool. I like this one too.

Dave Cook from Hershey Park, PA. he's one passionate caricature dude.


Joshm said...

I like the girl with the glasses the most. Very cool stuff as always, man!

Polacek said...

Somehow you are able to warp their faces so much and not only maintain their likeness, but capture their personality. Awesome

jasonbaroody said...

how do you active a comments thing on your blog?
also add my to your friends list punk.

btw..i love your crazy drawin's.

Nate said...