Saturday, April 21, 2007

GWL caricatures 25- hover ears, stepping on babies, talllll, 5 some, tiger, (DEC 2006)

This is Ty, he's laid back and cool. I like the ideas here, pushing it more, but that right side line of the face totally sucks, bad curve! bad curve! oh and someone stole this caricature later on in the day after I gave it to him. c'mon, who steals carictures of other people?! that's retarded. I'm gonna do another one of him sometime.

this woman works at a daycare center. look how she's actually stepping on some babies, heh.

that background looks off and sloppy but overall I kinda like it.

I could have pushed this one and had more fun with the height differential. but overall, thought likeness was there enough for a tame one.

fun but missed the likeness. should have made the nose much bigger.

real tameish but I think I got all the liknessess, wish I had a pic of the other kids too. but they spontaneous combusted...or maybe they went to play while I was drawing the remaining people....nah, they spontaint 'busted.

awwww, look, I drew in the lil tiger, everyone at once!--awwww...

eh, fun but lost likeness.

the eyes are off, but overall I like this one, it's all angulary, especially for a lil girl too.

man, I gotta hurry up and post all this old stuff so I can get to the newer stuff which is much better. I think I have about 100+ pics to post before I get to the stuff I'm doing today. hey, myspace peeps, I'll prolly be posting some sneak peaks of more current stuff in my bulletin so keep an eye out. I did a live one of fellow caricaturist Mike Crawford (who's caricatures KICK ASS!) that I was pretty pleased with.


Steve Willhite said...

I'm liking your little kids drawing more than the adults. They have a really cool look to them.

chris chUa! said...

really? cool. I always thought my kids were weaker cause I almost always make them look older...but yeah, maybe in this batch my adults are a lot weaker. and the kids ones that I posted here I was actually pleased with.