Saturday, April 21, 2007

Caricature of Robin- evil twin freak version (OCT. 2006)

this is my friend and fellow caricaturist Robin, who I've draw a few times live (see past postings). but this is the 1st drawing I did of her. wow. I haven't looked at this in a while and looking at it now, it's pretty vicious. I kinda feel bad which usually I don't cause it's a caricature and I'm very objective...but I think it looks more in the mean super exaggerated vs. the fun super exaggerated, if that makes sense. sometimes, I have the habit of making people more evil super exaggerated, not sure why. maybe cause I hadn't really gotten to know her when I drew it and now I know her a bit more. obviously, she's much prettier. we'll just call this the evil twin freak version of Robin, heh.


Steve Willhite said...

Look what you did to that beautiful girl! You suck.

At least you didn't have her pooping on a car windshield or something. :)

chris chUa! said...

ha ha ha...hey, she liked it though! but yeah...I do suck :(

Aaron said...