Tuesday, February 06, 2007

GWL caricatures 14- GONZO 3! rollercoaster teeth (Dec. 2006)

This is the 3rd one I did of my friend and co-caricaturist, Gonzo. I liked the rollercoaster teef and messed with a different skin color. The previous 2 of him I drew are in the archives somewhere on this bloggy.
I did a 4th one of Gonzo a couple weeks ago. a profile one that I liked, but that'll take a lil while to post as I'm still trying to catch up on the previous pictures I took and haven't posted yet.


Steve Willhite said...

That is sooooo cool. One of your very bestestest-testy-zesty ones!

Nate said...

wow! your getting so much better, thats way more awesome than the one i did, thats incouriging(however you spell that),anyways thats a dawm good likeness, great stuff, keep doing more like that, and get your mini con shit up

Joe Bluhm said...

OUCH- yessss!!! I love the stair-like teeth. Diggin it, bro.

chris chUa! said...

steve- thanks, man!!

nate- cool, thanks! I feel like I'm getting better as well, cool that you seem to think so as well. I'll get my mini con stuff up in a few days when I finally get a breather from work.

joe- thanky, man!!