Saturday, February 03, 2007

Great Wolf Lodge Caricatures 10- Kim the teethguard (Dec. 2006)

this is Kim, one of the lifeguards that sits right at the entrance to the water park next to our caricature stand. I drew this of her while she was sitting about 30 feet away, unaware I was drawing her. It was funny cause as I finished the sketch up, she shouts ironically from afar "who is that?" (cause my drawing side was facing her. I was taking glances behind me as I drew) and that was the 1st words she said to me/1st day that I met her, heh. and after I said it was her, she didnt' believe me and I had to show her upclose what was what...and she still didn't get it, hah.

here's another of her, but this time I was even further away, sitting at the other easel we have. I pretty much just saw teeth from that distance so I exaggerated that, would have done it differently if I was drawing her closer.

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