Monday, April 25, 2011

Caricatures: Asian hair, pig- in-face zombie, sunglasses wedding, (SEPT--OCT 2010)

 1. I redrew this for myself after I sold him a sketch where I had a brain fart and missed on the likeness which I think I usually get for the most part. I always want to color and sell more sketches that look more like this.
 2. I like the look of how this came out, but keep going back and forth on likeness...right now I'm leaning on it could have been better, the mouth area is off.

 3. *
 4. think I made his eyebrows a lil too meany-ish. but overall, this is prolly one of my favs I did of the season.
 5. was trying to think more simple, shapes and fun on this. I think the girl especially came out fun and streamlined.
 6. looking at the reference photo now...prolly made her eyes too big...they seemed pretty big when I was looking at her...think the guy came out decent fun enough.
these people were from japan, not sure how much they liked it, kinda neutral faced like the photo from start to seeing it and all, oh wait, I remembered, the girl seemed a bit surprised for a second but she did buy a frame with it too, so yeah...I always think it's kinda ironic funny when asians from foreign countries get their caricature drawn from another asian. I mean, I'm more culturally american than "asian" well, maybe sorta a mix, I do eat rice, heh...but still...if I went to europe to get some personalized art done and saw an asian or american or american asian as one of the possible artists I could choose from ...I'd totally chase a squirrel sitting next to the bench. wait, what was my point? oh yeah, kfc has really delicious fries! for reals! I just had some yesterday!
 7. the guy's likeness is off a bit.
 8. made his head a lil too wide. overall, I thought this turned out cute and they made a cute couple. yay panda! heh.
 9. this guy looked like Zach Galifiniaskcisakhangovrduebdatesssisesis. I liked this one.
 10. I was really excited to draw his face, was still interested for a bit, then kinda got bored with it for some reason and then kinda rushed it out by the time I got to color. looking at it now... I like aspects of it, not so much others, then other parts not really the lesson we learned today is-- uh, huh?

12. pigzitman
 13. made his lips too big. I liked the coloring.
 14. redrew this one for myself from a previous sale, trying out some different coloring thingies.
 15. could have been more exaggerated.
 16. redrew this for fun from a previous sale. don't like the background, I'm always searching for the right background and can never seem to be satisfied.
 17. just a tamey parky sketchy.
 20. this was a really strange occurrence, I was sitting at the easel on a slow cold sketching something and the kid (on the left in the pic), came up to me and said, here-- and handed me 2 bux. and I said confusidly, wait, you want a sketch? and he said, no, I just really appreciate what you do. That was weird, I was like, well, sit down, let me draw you. so I did.
 21. ha ha, this had an interesting customer chit chat story. so I'm making chit with this couple along with a fellow co-worker. we get to the "how old do you think I am" question for me. so yeah...I look young...usually people guess 7-12 years younger...t's prolly the asian thing...and I'm gonna get carded till I'm 50, hah. so before we get to the guy asking me, it's revealed that he is a quarter asian so I'm assuming that he knows the "asians usually look younger than they are thing" and he guesses 31 (I'm 32) and I was like, ooh, good guess! then I ask how old do you think my co-worker is, she's 22 but totally looks younger, like 18-20. like noone ever guesses 22 or higher for her. and he guesses 33! we were like 33?!?! what the hell?!? there's no way that I look younger than her, ha ha. now, I'm thinking this guy just has no clue and his good guess on me lost it's validity and is just a horrible age guesser, heh. suffice to say, my co-worker didn't feel too good after that, heh.

anyhoo, it was a cold and slow fall day and sped thru the coloring cause it was cold. I hustled them for the sketch. I was happy overall with the likeness...wait, prolly made her upper lip too big. didn't like how his hat came out. meh. actually, looking at it again, maybe not liking this sketch as much. oh well.
 23. girl came out better.
 24. not too crazy, but I liked the likeness
 25. redrew this for fun. the one I sold this family was just eh. this was when I visited Hershey park, PA to help out this past summer. and got to hang and draw again with my good pal, Ali Thome. I should be doing stuff more like this.
 26. this is one of my favorites of the season. I was happy with the flow of lines and shapes. it's one of those sketches where I feel like my brain and hand were clicking for the most part which can be rare. they loved it too! then they asked if I would draw at their wedding a few weeks later which I did! I drew them again, which is the next photo...

oh and there's my good buddy jordan, drawing in the background.

27. here's the 2nd caricature I drew at this lovely couple's wedding (see previous picture) I had an AWESOME time drawing at their reception. very fun and laid back with everyone so nice and cool! their wedding was on 10-10-10 which is very cool too! the groom and groomsman all wore plaid converses which I thought was very cool, heh. at the wedding reception I drew at, I decided to draw everyone with one color and mix up the colors a bit in the drawing. I didn't really go too crazy but thought the coloring was fun.
 38. just drew this from a photo at the stand, messing around.
39. so this couple comes up to me last october and asks, "hey, we have a request, can you draw me stabbing him in the eye with a crucifix?" with my reply being "absolutely!" would have been odd and confusing (yet awesome!...?) if I said, "no" and then ended the story with this description under the sketch I did. heh. anyhoo, I don't do many zombie caricatures. I like doing the gory stuff but don't really know what to do to get good undead colors like my buddies Sean Gardner and Nick Mitchell who do it awesomely. go check out their work! oh they also asked if I could have him holding a noose around her neck. the eye going thru her eye/head was my idea. they were really cool and seemed to like it. later in the same day I got the next one below, which were my only 2 zombie requests of the whole season.
 40. a mom and daughter came and wanted to be zombies and the daughter asked to include her favorite animal, a pig, somewhere. I decided to have a pig exploding thru her face, heh.


so ends the sketches at Dorney for the 2010 season. overall thoughts, I don't think I pushed it as much this season. I think I did a bit more at the beginning and then was in a weird kinda medium mode where I wasn't pushing it as much, I did however, sell the most I've ever sold this season, and was the top caricature seller overall at the park. so maybe I was concentrating more on that. The 2011 season is about to start, like this Saturday is our opening day, I think I'm going to definitely focus more on pushing it and getting back to taking chances and trying things where there's more risk.

Also, lately, I've been inspired to get back into doing comic book type stuff again and plan on doing more of that stuff and get back to working on my Legend of Liquid Fury graphic novel, which all 150 pages are drawn. I want to go back and redraw some pages and scenes and also start my next graphic novel idea to write and draw for fun.


KC said...

love your style and how connected the couples can be through the lines you use~!!

chris chUa! said...

thanks, KC! doing the connect things is one of my favorite things to do, glad you like'm!

Aaron said...

you always blow my mind right up.

Aaron said...

you made my mind exploode againe. great stuff.

Aaron said...

sorry. I thought the first comment didn't post, but it did.

chris chUa! said...

thanks, aaron! although not quite sure I really did anything TOO mind blowing here?...

Nate said... stuff as always

Sarah Velasco said...

hey chris nice blog!

Aaron said...

haha. oh yeah. you did do some zombies, before. cool. I love the cross through the eye. its very funny and gross.

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