Tuesday, October 27, 2009

caricature- Kim Martel socket nose! Katie Lawter hair! Katie face mixer! Mike/Brieann face melt! Lauren sushi cupcakes! (AUG 2009)

*11-10-09* so I guess I exceeded my photobucket bandwidth. pics will be back up on the 12th. then I'm going to move pics to another account, sorry about that, folks! gonna start moving a few pics so at least there's something to see in a bit...

*ALSO, if you want to see some caricatures that are a bit older (still updating with newer ones) check out my deviant art page at http://chrischua.deviantart.com/

1. This is the soccer playian kickassian, Kim Martel, and fellow caricature artist at Dorney park. I, on the other hand, am a kickASIAN, heh. This is the second caricature I've done of her- I drew her last year. I like it enough, but still feel like I could have captured her mouth better and I tried something with the background elements that didn't quite work out. Oh, I just threw myself in the reflection in her eyes. Kim has taught me to be careful not too give my goldfish too much water to drink or else they might get bloody noses ;P

2. Flora Robertson. a first year caricature artist that is tremendously talented. and there's my good buddy, Matt Zitman, again in the background, being all Zitman-y. oh and check out the awesome caricature demos in the background- drawn by my other good buddy, Alex Clare, and googley-eyedified improved by Matt and I, hee hee.

3. Katie Lawter. Another 1st year caricature artist that has some impressive skillage. this caricature literally took me forever. seriously, it was more like fiveever. hooray for bad puns, heh! I started over a bunch of times. I missed on her eyes too. oh well, I'll get her next year.

4. Jeff Muniz. airbrush artist and all-around good dude. eh. I missed on likeness but I like some of the lines.

5. another of Lauren Miller. this one was done really quickly. I seem to always draw Lauren really creepy, haha, even though she's like the sweetest girl ever. ha ha, one day I will draw her supa cute.

and here we have awesome "sushi" cupcakes that the aforementioned lovely, Lauren, made for us. she put swedish fish and rice crispies on top. left to right: Alex Clare, Lauren, Matt Zitman, Meself. I love our employees!

6. Katie Stahl. 2nd one of 2nd year caricature artist. I was seeing how far I could push it. I like aspects of it, but don't think it quite came together as much as I had envisioned.

7. Kate Santee. a 4th (or 5th?) year caricature artist. She's also a very very talented artist. She does some great character designs. 1st one I drew of her. I missed on her eyes. I liked the hair.

8. This is my friend and caricature artist, Mike Dias and his cool girlfriend, Brieann. I had an idea and went with it. not sure how well the likenesses are but I think it's kinda fun and really enjoying trying things like this.


cool music to check out- MoZella

in the vein of Lenka/Lilly Allen/Adelle. fun catchy, checky it out. the whole album is pretty conchristantly good. you can listen to all of her new album on her myspace here


dan hay said...

The hair on #3 trips me out! I wish I could draw a fraction as fun as you.

Pavel Jakubec said...

WOW,I like it,Chris,
nice caricatures
and facial expression !!!!

chris chUa! said...

thanks, Dan!! I'm a BIG fan of your work!! and c'mon, your art is SO friggin fun, more fun than mine!

thank you, Pavel!!

justfrancesca said...

That one of the two squished together is a fantastic idea. And I do see some likeness in there...

Kamikaze panda said...

So amazing,really inspiring, love seeing your stuff on my days off. Very fun stuff

chris chUa! said...

hey, thanks K panda! I appreciate it!