Thursday, August 07, 2008

Caricatures: Peanut butter jelly time- reject, elephanty, chef (NOV 2007)

these were drawn during the month of November 2007 at Great wolf lodge, PA.

demo. he wanted to be a chef. sometimes, I really try to push it and am excited about it and then I do it and can't really figure it out to push it and it just turns out kinda eh and off.


This was a REJECT. This kid wanted it really funny too. He paid for it, a couple minutes later, came back and wanted his money back. He said he didn't like the double chin or the dark around his eyes. I said I'd redraw it. This one could have been really cool, I gave him the idea that I could draw him as Brian on his shirt. I don't think it came out very good anyway, lost likeness too, so it wasn't a big deal...

so here's the redraw which I did super fast. he was cool with this version. I didn't like the 1st one that much, but I still thought that one was better than least I put a lot more effort into it, although this one probably has a better (tame/boring) likeness. I think I tried too hard on the 1st one and it got all whacked out. oh well, at least I still got the sale and he was happy.

The brother was being difficult and didn't want to get his picture taken which sucks cause I really liked how he came out.

I like this one but even I think it came out looking kinda evil. but the mom really liked it and bought a large frame along with it, which surprised me, but definitely a cool thing.


slow month, December has some better stuff. stay tuned!


Anonymous said...

You should of told the kid (in the banana costume) that if he didn't want you to draw him with a double chin then he shouldn't have a double chin in the first place...oh fat kids. Love the style.

chris chUa! said...

thanks, dan!